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“Freelance web designer – working with you to create beautiful custom websites that suit you and your client needs ”


Deborah Boyle

Deborah Boyle


“A life lived in fear is a life half lived…” – Strictly Ballroom

I am a freelance website designer based in East Bedfont/Feltham in Middlesex. I cover most of my local TW area. From Teddington to Richmond and as far as Kingston. I also work further afield but in a ‘virtual’ capacity, communicating via SKYPE calls and email. This means I can cover the whole of the country and abroad!

I work with my clients throughout the process and help guide them from colour schemes and logo design to layouts, content and proofreading. Even through to newsletters, social media and SEO. My aim is to create a custom website that captures the spirit of the company, looks fantastic and suits both their business needs for them and their clients.

Outstide of work: Family of six. Partner, mum to an 12 and a 3 year old and to two very stout guinea pigs of 5 years old approximately.

With any time to myself I immerse myself in films. I’ve loved the whole experience of going to the cinema and eating popcorn since my late teens. The best feeling in the world is going to the pictures in the middle of the afternoon to watch a little known indie movie and having the whole screen to yourself. I highly recommend the experience and give it a go at least once…!

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